My name is Daniel and I am 22 years old.  Recently, I accepted a job as an English teacher for the University of Jianghan in Wuhan, China.  I have traveled to other countries before, even to teach English, but I’ve never undertaken a trip that would last this long (at least a year!).  This site contains my musings on traveling, China, teaching, and whatever else wanders into my mind.  Expect to find plenty of pictures, life updates, and even the occasional post in Chinese.  Feel free to leave comments on anything you find interesting.

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  1. Dana says:

    Hi there Daniel Happy belated birthday- saw your mom today at Dr.Hurleys. I was very tickled to find out you have a blog. What i’ve read it sounds like your having a awsome adventure. Looking forward to following along on your adventure. Thanksgiving sounded great– My folks still laugh about the Thanksgivings they spent in Hong Kong. Their ohma(sp) Lalaine served mashed potatoes also- only xhe had served them not mounding in a bowl. But rather on a platter as peramid of hand molded meatball shaped balls. Well I do look forward to reading your blog. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Dana

    • Teacher Dan says:

      Hey hey Dana!

      What a pleasant surprise to hear from you! I thought I had told you about the blog before I left–but I guess I forgot–whoops.

      China is definitely an adventure. Every day brings something new.

      And don’t get me started on the Chinese “American” food, haha. Sometimes I will see some food that looks vaguely familiar and I think “Oh! I know what that tastes like; I’ve got to have some!” But, inevitably, once I take a bite, the taste is always wrong. The worst ones are these things that look exactly like potato slices in some rice dishes, but they’re actually extremely bitter melons. It’s almost very disappointing. AND it’s a mistake I make all the time, because, sometimes, they REALLY are potatoes. China can be so confusing at times…

      Thanks for the holiday wishes!

      Tell Dr. Hurley I said “Hi!” and that I’ve still got her email address here on my desk … just in case I ever get sick. : )

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